Welcome to Troop B Camp Cadet

Welcome to Troop B Camp CadetWelcome to Troop B Camp CadetWelcome to Troop B Camp Cadet

About Us

Camp Cadet is a week long summer camp for boys and girls from Pennsylvania between the ages of 12 to 14

The camp focuses on discipline, self-esteem, teamwork, drug and alcohol education, violence prevention and many other issues facing today’s youth.  

 The goal of Camp Cadet is to introduce participants to the diverse criminal justice system and establish a positive relationship with law enforcement personnel.   Camp Cadet  is structured similar to the training at the State police academy. All participants who attend Camp Cadet are addressed as “Cadet” during the week. Cadets are required to participate in all scheduled events. 


TROOP B CAMP CADET is held at Heritage Reservation, in Farmington PA, Fayette County

Camp Cadet is a non-profit organization. Meals, lodging and programs are provided at no cost to the applicant. Camps are usually funded by various fund raisers and business and community donations. The camp is staffed by Troopers, local police officers and many other volunteers. 

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Due to the current circumstances,  2020 Troop B Camp Cadet has been canceled! 

Applications have been suspended at this time. 


To be eligible for consideration to  Camp Cadet you must be at least  12 years old but not older than 14; You must be a resident of the area served by Troop B (Fayette, Greene, Washington and the South Western part of Westmoreland County) and in good physical condition.  

Interested girls and boys must mail applications  to:  Trooper Robert Broadwater  

Applicants will be required to attend an interview by a Camp Counselor.   

Additional applications may be obtained at the following State Police Stations: Belle Vernon, Pittsburgh, Uniontown, Washington and Waynesburg.

All Applications must be mailed to 


ATTN: Troop B Camp Cadet

1070 Eberly Way

Lemont Furnace, PA 15456


Thank You

Camp Cadet operates solely through the generosity of individuals, businesses and civic organizations.  If you would like to support this effort, please make checks payable to:

 Troop B Camp Cadet Inc. 

1070 Eberly Way 

Lemont Furnace, PA 15456

Thank you for your time and donations that makes this possible!


2020 Camp cadet application

Applications have been suspended, due to the current situation with COVID-19. 

Files coming soon.

Cadets in the community

Community projects for Camp Cadet Alumni

Community projects for Camp Cadet Alumni

Community projects for Camp Cadet Alumni


Troop B Camp Cadet is launching a new program called Cadets in the Community. This program is designed to bring prior graduates together to socialize and give back to the community in the following areas; Washington, Fayette, Greene, and parts of Westmoreland.  

Cadets will be responsible for transportation to the location and the program is all volunteer based. 


Community projects for Camp Cadet Alumni

Community projects for Camp Cadet Alumni


Stay tuned for upcoming events and projects! 

Anyone interested should email Trooper ZANGLA at